Small trailer hire: tips for connecting your small cage trailer to your vehicle.

Small Trailer Hire Sunshine Coast

Hiring a small cage trailer can significantly ease the process of transporting goods, but for those unfamiliar with towing, the task might seem daunting. Small trailer hire is an increasingly popular choice in Australia, especially for occasional transport needs. In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential steps of safely connecting a small trailer to your vehicle, making your small trailer hire experience smooth and stress-free.

Small Trailer Hire Sunshine Coast

1. Adjusting the Trailer Coupling Height Using Jockey Wheel

The first step in small trailer hire is adjusting the coupling height. This is done using the jockey wheel. Ensuring the trailer coupling is high enough to provide sufficient clearance for the tow ball to pass under is crucial.

2. Positioning the Vehicle

When it comes to small trailer hire, positioning your vehicle correctly is key. Reverse your vehicle so that the tow ball is directly under the cup of the trailer coupling. Remember, never drag the trailer to the vehicle, as this can cause damage to both the trailer and your car.

3. Securing the Trailer Coupling

For those new to small trailer hire, securing the trailer coupling might seem tricky, but it’s quite straightforward. Unlock the safety security latch on the trail coupling. Lift the handle and then secure it. Next, lower the trailer using the jockey wheel until the cup fully covers the tow ball. Then, lower the handle and lock the safety security latch in place.

Small Trailer Hire

4. Raising the Jockey Wheel

Once your small trailer is securely attached, raise and rotate the jockey wheel to ensure safety. This is a vital step in the connection process to ensure the jockey wheel doesn’t drag while you’re driving.

5. Attaching the Safety Chain

The safety chain is an essential aspect of small trailer hire. Attach it using a D shackle. Make sure the chain does not drag on the road surface. If using two safety chains, cross them before attaching them to your vehicle. This prevents the trailer from hitting the ground if the coupling fails.

6. Connecting Trailer Lights

Small trailer hire also involves ensuring your trailer’s lights are operational. Connect the trailer lights to your vehicle. This is not only a safety measure but also a legal requirement. Check all the lights are working correctly, and then you are good to go. When hiring a trailer from Trailer2You, your delivery driver will connect the vehicle for you and check everything is working.

7. Trailer2You App for Easy Small Trailer Hire

For those who feel less confident about towing a trailer or do not have a towing vehicle, Trailer2You offers a unique solution. With our Trailer2You App, you can hire the driver along with your small trailer hire. This service is ideal for those new to trailer hire or those who prefer a hassle-free experience. The other benefit relating to connecting a trailer is Trailer2You will connect the trailer for you when they deliver it and make sure everything is working properly, which means you may not even have to connect the trailer at all. However, if you need to disconnect and reconnect your trailer during the hire period, just follow the steps above to get on the road again. You can also watch our how-to video: How to Connect a Trailer.

Trailer Hire Sunshine Coast

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Small trailer hire is a convenient, affordable option for transporting goods. For safe and reliable small trailer hire, consider Trailer2You with a range of trailers suitable for various needs, and included delivery and pick-up right at your doorstep. Remember, proper connection and safety measures are paramount. By following these tips, even first-timers can feel confident in their small trailer hire experience. Choose Trailer2You for your next small cage trailer hire and enjoy a seamless, secure, and efficient transportation solution.

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