Transformation of the trailer hire industry

The traditional method of a customer having to travel to a location where trailers may be stored (usually a service station) is outdated, risky and time consuming. The customer has no confidence that the equipment is in good working order, has been properly maintained and there is no customer service.

Usually the process is via a self-service kiosk located at a service station. The service station attendant has little or no knowledge or training in regard to trailers or their operation. Trailer2You with its focus on personalised service, proposes to transform and revolutionise the whole on-demand market

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STEP 1: You Tap

You simply download the T2Y app. You select the trailer and any other equipment you need. We deliver to you, saving you time and money.

STEP 2: We Deliver

We deliver to you. We help you to safely connect your trailer and we’ll provide safety tips, for peace of mind. All additional equipment and moving items are on board and checked off by our T2Y team.

STEP 3: We come to you – and pick up

We come to you and pick up the trailer. It’s what T2Y customers love. Our 5 Star Service means that at the end of a move, you can get on with what you need to do. No more interrupting your move to travel back and return your trailer. T2Y saves you money – you only pay for the time you use your hire equipment to move, rather than paying to travel and return your trailer to a location.

Helping you move easily is what Trailer2You is about

T2Y offers a menu of most needed items including:

  • Trolley
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Ladder
  • Trailer Net
  • Straps & Tie-Downs
  • Cage Cover

T2Y offers a menu of most needed items including:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Packing Tape

Exclusive to Trailer2You is our additional HireTheDriver service for when you need a hand:

  • Driving the trailer to various locations
  • Loading and unloading light items
  • Delivering rubbish to your local waste transfer centre
  • Loading and unloading a car trailer

(*Conditions apply)

It’s all a part of our 5 star customer service.

For full information on this amazing service, visit our T&Cs.

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