How covered trailer hire protects your load and meets your legal requirements.

Covered Trailer Hire

Transporting goods, whether for personal or commercial purposes, requires adherence to specific legal standards, especially in Queensland. Understanding these regulations is crucial for safety and compliance. One of the most efficient and reliable ways to meet these requirements is through covered trailer hire from Trailer2You. This article will discuss how opting for a covered trailer or a trailer net from Trailer2You ensures legal compliance and provides superior protection for your cargo.

Meeting Legal Requirements To Cover Your Load

In Queensland, the law mandates that your load be securely covered and restrained. Covered trailer hire is not just a legal obligation; it’s a necessity for safe transportation. Trailer2You offers an excellent solution with fitted trailer covers and trailer nets specifically designed to meet these legal requirements.

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Features of Trailer2You’s Covered Trailers

Covered Trailer Hire

Weatherproof Material:

The trailer covers are made from tough, weatherproof vinyl material. This ensures that your cargo is well-protected from rain, storms, and the harsh sun, which is particularly important in areas like the Sunshine Coast.

Design and Fit:

These covers are designed to fit snugly over our box trailers with cages. The zip-up corners ensure a tight fit, providing extra security and protection.


Hiring a trailer cover for a 7 x 4 trailer is highly affordable, starting at just $24.00. This makes it an economical choice for both legal compliance and load protection.


The covers include bunji/elastic tie-down loops, making them easy to secure and providing additional peace of mind.

Additional Security with Trailer Nets

         Trailer Nets To Cover and Secure Your Load

Trailer2You offers a superb solution for securely covering loads with their high-quality trailer nets, designed to ensure compliance with legal requirements and provide additional security for your cargo. These heavy-duty nets are tailored to fit both 7 x 4 and 8 x 5 trailers, offering a versatile option for various sizes of loads. Priced affordably from just $20.00 a day, these trailer nets are not only an economical choice but also an essential tool for safe transportation. They are particularly useful for securing irregularly shaped or bulky items that might not fit snugly under a solid cover. The robust design of the nets ensures that they withstand the rigours of road travel, protecting your cargo from the elements and preventing any movement or loss during transit. By hiring Trailer2You’s trailer nets, customers can transport their goods with confidence, knowing that they are meeting legal standards while safeguarding their cargo effectively.

Enclosed Trailer Hire

Enclosed Trailer Hire

A great alternative to covered trailer hire is enclosed trailer hire. Hiring an enclosed trailer means there is no need to cover your load as your entire load is enclosed/covered by the trailer itself. It is still essential to safely secure and tie down the items in the trailer. Enclosed trailer hire from Trailer2You includes the exclusive E-Track load security system, and a range of ratchet straps are available. 

Streamlined Covered Trailer Hire Hiring Process

Trailer2You simplify the process of covered trailer hire. With easy online ordering through our website or T2Y App, customers can have everything delivered to their doorstep, including the trailer, cover or net, and tie-down straps. This convenience makes Trailer2You the go-to option for hassle-free and compliant trailer hire.

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Covered Trailer Hire: Watch How to Cover Your Load

For those needing a reliable and legal solution for transporting goods, covered trailer hire from Trailer2You is an excellent choice. With high-quality covers and nets, affordable pricing, and an easy ordering process, Trailer2You ensures your load is legally compliant and protected from weather and theft. Contact Trailer2You for your next trailer hire.

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