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Join our team of Franchisees providing a five star service to their customers using our proven technology and systems. Run your own business from home and manage it easily using our revolutionary Franchisee App.

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  • Booking Received
    The Franchisee receives notification of a booking in the T2Y Franchisee app.
  • Deliver
    The Franchisee delivers trailer, add-on hire items and consumable items to the customer.
  • Checks
    The Franchisee checks all items have been delivered and safety checks done
  • Pick Up
    The Franchisee receives notification of a pick up
  • Pick Up Location
    The Franchisee drives to pick up location and collects trailer and add on hire items
  • Check pick up items
    The Franchisee checks picked up items

Work From Home

A T2Y Franchisee can set up their own business based at their own home, and co-ordinate all activities using the T2Y Franchisee App.

Work to Your Schedule

A T2Y Franchisee can set their own work hours easily, allowing flexibility in lifestyle and accommodate other activities.

Great Earning Potential

T2Y Franchisees are able to realise great earning potential in a growing service industry. You control how much you want to work and earn.

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