Moving House? We’ve Got You Covered With Furniture Trailer Hire.

Are you planning a big move and dreading the hassle of transporting your precious belongings? Worry no more! At Trailer2You, we specialise in furniture trailer hire, offering an array of trailers and accessories to make your move smooth and stress-free. Currently, we service the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with Australia wide trailer hire in the pipeline.

Furniture Trailer Hire: A Seamless Solution

When it comes to moving house, the right equipment can make all the difference. Our furniture trailer hire service provides not just trailers, but a complete moving solution. You can choose from our range of Box Trailers with Cages or Enclosed Furniture Trailers, each available in various sizes to suit your specific needs. We also have all the moving accessories you are likely to need.

Box Trailer Hire

Box Trailer Hire Sunshine Coast.

Our Box Trailers with Cages are perfect for smaller loads. They’re ideal for fine weather conditions, and we also offer cage covers for added protection. These trailers are easy to load and unload, making them a popular choice for those with less bulky items. Perhaps you’ve just purchased some furniture and need to transport it straight away. Trailer2You can meet you at the store with our hire the driver option and transport the furniture to your home.

Top quality 8 x 5 cage hire trailer with a 5-star rating, expertly crafted for the protection of you and your cargo, featuring the unique E-Track system for load security. Ideal for professional use in construction, home renovations, relocation, and gardening projects. Perfect for transporting bulky furniture and other large items with ease. We can supply all necessary equipment to secure and cover your load effectively, including ladders, tie down straps, ramps and trailer covers. Planning to relocate? Explore our variety of hire options that include moving boxes, packing tape, blankets, and hand trolleys for a smooth, convenient, and secure moving experience.

Enclosed Furniture Trailer Hire

Medium Enclosed Furniture Trailer 9×5 Single Axle, Max Load 350kg, GVM 750kg, Tare 400kg
Large Enclosed Furniture Trailer 12×6 Tandem Axle, Max Load 2200kg, GVM 3200kg, Tare 1000kg

For maximum protection against weather and for securing your items, our Enclosed Furniture Trailers are the way to go. They offer a safe and secure environment for your belongings, ensuring they remain undamaged and intact throughout the journey. They are specifically designed for moving furniture with lots of tie-down points and feature the E-track load security system. The front compartment is lockable, and the internal shelf is perfect for storing blankets or breakables. Accessories such as furniture loading ramps and trolleys can be added to the hire for your convenience.

Convenience Delivered to Your Door

The standout feature of our furniture trailer hire service is the convenience we offer. We deliver the trailer right to your doorstep and pick it up once you’re done. This service eliminates the need for you to visit a rental facility, saving you time and hassle.

Hassle-Free Connection and Safety Checks

When we deliver your furniture trailer hire, we don’t just drop it off and leave. Our team will connect the trailer to your vehicle and perform all necessary safety checks to ensure everything is working perfectly. This service is part of our commitment to your safety and peace of mind.

Flexible Rental Options

Flexibility is key in any move. With our furniture trailer hire, you can opt for a one-way rental. This means you can select a different collection address at the end of your rental, saving you time and simplifying your moving process. Most likely, you will be moving home from one location to another, so it makes perfect sense to finish your furniture trailer hire at your new address (conditions apply).

Accessories and Extras

To further ease your moving experience, we offer a range of accessories with our furniture trailer hire. You can hire loading ramps, moving boxes, trolleys, tie-down straps, and ladders. Additionally, we provide the option to purchase packing boxes and packing tape. Everything you need for a smooth move is available under one roof.

Trailer Hire Accessories For Hire. Packing Boxes and Packing Tape For Sale

Why Choose Trailer2You for Furniture Trailer Hire?

Convenience: Trailers and accessories delivered to your door.

Flexibility: Choose different pick-up and drop-off locations.

Variety: A range of trailer sizes and types to fit your needs.

Safety: We ensure all trailers are connected correctly and are safe to use.

Support: Our team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Ready to make your move? Book your furniture trailer hire easily through the T2Y app. It’s quick, user-friendly, and efficient, allowing you to arrange everything you need with just a few taps. 

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You can also book online through our website.

Don’t let moving stress you out. Choose Trailer2You for your furniture trailer hire and enjoy a hassle-free, convenient moving experience.

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