Large Car Trailer Hire on the Sunshine Coast.

Large Car Trailer Hire

Do you need a reliable large car trailer hire on the Sunshine Coast? Whether you’re transporting unregistered cars, moving broken-down vehicles, relocating classic cars, or hauling unusual items like ride-on lawnmowers or small farm machinery, Trailer2You has you covered. With our specialised large car trailers, equipped with cutting-edge features designed for safety and convenience, transporting your vehicle or equipment has never been easier.

The Need for Large Car Trailer Hire

The Sunshine Coast, with its picture-perfect weather and mild climate, is home to car enthusiasts from various backgrounds. Whether you’re a classic car enthusiast, a tradesperson, or simply need to move a vehicle that cannot be driven, finding the best large car trailer hire service is essential.

Large Car Trailer Hire For Classic Cars

Features Of Our Large Car Trailer Hire

Our large car trailers are not just any trailers; they are designed with your needs in mind. Here’s why our trailers stand out:

E-Track Fastening System: Exclusive to T2Y, this system allows for easy and secure vehicle fastening, ensuring it stays in place during transport.

Safety Brake Winch: This feature ensures effortless and secure loading of your vehicle onto the trailer, making it ideal for transporting larger vehicles, including 4WDs.

4-Wheel Electric Brakes: Meeting Australian standards for trailers exceeding 2000 kg GVM, our trailers are equipped with 4-wheel electric brakes, providing safety and peace of mind.

Bluetooth Wireless Electric Braking Technology: For vehicles without a brake controller, we include the latest in Bluetooth wireless electric braking technology, allowing for smooth, proportional electronic braking control.

Our Large Car Trailers

Large Car Trailer Hire

Car Trailer 3200kg Extra Heavy Duty

Size: 14 x 6’6” (4200 x 1980)GVM: 3200kgAxle: TandemTare: 1000kgMax Load: 2200kg

Large Car Trailer Hire

Car Trailer 2000kg Heavy Duty

Size: 14 x 6’6” (4200 x 1980)GVM: 2000kgAxle: TandemTare: 800kgMax Load: 1200kg

These trailers are perfect for those needing a reliable vehicle and machinery transportation solution without the expense of owning a trailer outright.

Door-to-Door Service

Large Car Trailer Hire With Door-to-Door Service

What sets Trailer2You apart is our door-to-door service when hiring a car trailer. We understand that your time is valuable, and the convenience of having the trailer delivered to your doorstep and picked up once you’re done is unparalleled. Currently servicing the Sunshine Coast, and with national expansion in progress, this service allows you to focus on your project or move without worrying about the logistics of trailer hire.

Why Choose Trailer2You for Large Car Trailer Hire?

Trailer2You is your go-to choice for large car trailer hire on the Sunshine Coast for several reasons:

Our large car trailers are equipped with the latest safety and convenience features.

We offer a unique door-to-door service, making your hire experience hassle-free and time-saving.

Our car trailers are designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles and machinery, ensuring you have the right trailer for the job.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best regarding large car trailer hire. Trailer2You provide the quality, convenience, and safety to easily transport your vehicle or equipment. 

Book Online or Via the T2Y App and experience the difference of our hassle-free car trailer hire service.

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