Box Trailer Hire: How to connect your trailer lights.

Box Trailer Hire

Connecting trailer lights might seem challenging, especially for those new to towing. However, when you opt for box trailer hire with Trailer2You, this process is simplified and made stress-free. Trailer2You offers door-to-door delivery of a range of hire trailers and accessories on the Sunshine Coast and is expanding nationally. Our service includes ensuring that your box trailer hire is ready to go, including the proper connection of trailer lights.

Understanding Connectors for Your Box Trailer Hire

When you hire a box trailer, it’s essential to connect the trailer lights to your vehicle’s electrical system. Trailers may come with various types of connectors, including Seven Pin Large, Seven Pin Flat, Seven Pin Small, and Six Pin Small. The good news is when you choose Trailer2You for your box trailer hire; the delivery driver will have the correct adapter to connect your box trailer to your vehicle efficiently. They will also take the time to explain how to connect it yourself – just in case you need to unhitch the trailer for some reason.

Steps for Connecting Trailer Lights

Connect the Electrical Lead:

The first step in box trailer hire is to connect the trailer’s electrical lead to the socket on your vehicle.

Ensure Sufficient Cable Play:

There should be enough length in the cable to allow for turning. However, it’s crucial that the cable is not so long that it drags on the road surface.

Secure Excess Cable:

If the cable is too long, thread any excess through the coupling handle. This prevents the cable from dragging and being damaged.

Check Light Operation:

Before you drive away with your box trailer hire, check the operation of the tail, brake, and indicator lights. It’s helpful to have someone assist you with this step.

Ease of Box Trailer Hire with Trailer2You

At Trailer2You, connecting trailer lights is easy and part of the comprehensive service. When your box trailer hire is delivered to your door, the driver will handle the connection of the trailer lights and ensure everything is working correctly. This service provides peace of mind and ease, especially for those unfamiliar with trailer connections.

Booking Box Trailer Hire Without a Vehicle Socket

If your vehicle does not have a socket for trailer lights, Trailer2You has a solution. You can hire the driver and towing vehicle along with your box trailer hire. This service further simplifies the process and ensures that you can transport your goods without any hassle.Simply choose this option at the time of booking.

Need More Help? Watch How to Connect Trailer Lights to your Box Trailer Video

Box trailer hire with Trailer2You is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. From the versatility of the trailers, which come with a cage and optional trailer cover or net, to the ease of connecting trailer lights, Trailer2You ensures a smooth experience. Whether you’re an experienced tower or new to the process, Trailer2You’s door-to-door service and expert assistance make it the ideal choice for your next trailer hire. Book your box trailer hire through the convenient T2Y App or website and experience hassle-free towing with Trailer2You.

Happy towing.

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